As I head back to work after my annual summer layoff period, I know I’m going to be busy. At the same time, I want to make sure I write every day. So following a 30 Day Blog Challenge seems like a good idea. The purpose of these Challenges is to give you a topic for every day and to hopefully generate the daily blogging habit. Generally speaking, I have that habit on my photography blog but it is not yet happening here.

I am taking my Challenge list from a blog I follow called Maximum Wage. After doing a 30 Day Challenge, this blogger did a mash-up of a variety of other 30 Day Challenges and created one I found more appealing than most.

So, here goes….

Day one….Introduction and a little bit about you; recent photo of yourself.

As a blogger, I’m not accustomed to using my name, Paula, but rather my blog names “if you would not be forgotten” and (mom)ents (my photo blog). I am a mom of two young adults and am approaching two major milestones – my 50th birthday and my 30th anniversary. I work as a teaching assistant supporting special needs and behavior students and just began my 10th year in this role. My focus right now is a half mile walking marathon in about 5 weeks and a 220 km ride to raise funds for cancer research next June.

Walk on the beach in the Algarve, Portugal