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Day 3: A place or thing that you are in love with. (Pick one)

Well, this is a dilemma. Not because I’m in love with so many places or things that it’s hard to pick. I actually don’t love many things, material objects – or at least not that have come to mind over the last 24 hours that I can think of – and places, well, I love lots of cities and destinations.

So I’ve picked one….something…that perhaps doesn’t qualify, but I’m going with it anyway.

I love family trips and specifically that moment when we are just all together, not necessarily engaged in any specific activity but just together. It often happens in the car as we are driving and one of the kids has commandeered the radio and maybe someone is singing or seat dancing….it’s just a moment when I am completely and utterly aware of how lucky I am. And how crazy I am about my kids and my hubby, this family. I often will say, to whoever is in the front seat of the car, “Take a picture” and the kids think I’m crazy cause it’s just a picture of the four of us in a car. But I know what the moment means.

Last year, we went for a walk on Christmas Eve, just the four of us. The children were both home from university and we stopped on our way from here to there and walked.

A moment in time…

So, there’s my amazing kids with my hubby a ways ahead….and I was so happy. My children live thousands of miles apart, and yet they just pick up where they left off with each other and us. It is wonderful.

So the thing I love the most is being with the children and my hubby, all together, just the four of us. The place? Wherever we are.

I know that the day is arriving, if it’s not already here, where the four of us may expand to include significant others. And that will be wonderful as well. Just more people for me to love who also love the people I love.