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Day 4: All About Your Parents

How much time do you have?

I wrote this post about my dad in June on what would have been his 76th birthday. It’s a lot of what I know about my dad.

My mom, well, she is a character. She’s a jack of all trades and the master of many, most especially writing. She raised my two siblings and me on her own in the 60s and 70s when that was not how things were done. She’s the majorette of the band that marches to its own drummer. She was my world when I was growing up and parsing out the real from the illusion over the years has been tough. She sees the world from a unique perspective which makes her writing so incredible and sometimes makes relationships a challenge. Her perspective came from surviving a really tough, really unkind childhood. Mom’s one tough cookie and kicked cancer’s butt 25 years ago. And then wrote and broadcasted award-winning pieces about that journey.

Mom’s birthday

Perhaps I should have mentioned, she’s a gal named Tim. And if that doesn’t speak volumes not much else can.

My parents are a big dose of normal compared to some of the aunts and uncles and grandparents. Not that’s a world of crazy right there.

As my brother once said, we couldn’t write about our family and bill it as non-fiction. Nobody would believe us.