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Day 6: A picture, scene from a movie or a joke that makes you crack up.

From Mary Poppins, Uncle Albert sings “I love to Laugh”

Okay this actually took some time – which is one of my favourite parts of this challenge – giving thought to some interesting and obscure things.

There are loads of comedians that make me laugh…and undoubtedly funny photos and jokes. Yet, I think that some of these videos are favourite ones that crack me up – the one about Charlie biting his brother’s finger has somewhat lost its appeal, but babies laughing – well, that’s a surefire why to get me giggling. And the stuff kids say, well, that does it too.

My children, who are grown ups, can also make my husband and I laugh. A lot. Their ability to tell a good story and make it humourous is a gift and we love that they share it with us.