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Day 7: A book you would recommend.

The only hard part about today’s challenge is which one to recommend….if I can only recommend one, it is Ian Brown’s The Boy in the Moon.

Brown does an amazing job at discussing the challenges and realities of raising a child with significant disabilities. This is not a sugar-coated story – this is the real deal and written by an exceptional author. I have come to realize that no one quite knows what it’s like to raise children with disabilities until they are in the thick of it. Brown’s book is honest, brutally so, and I recommend everyone read it.

My favourite book of all time, though, is The Diviners by Margaret Laurence. Beyond being wonderfully written and truly Canadian, this book was the first one I read as a teenager that no one could classify as a story for children. As well, this is a book where I feel like I am in the middle of the story due to the strong character descriptions and the settings which are vividly drawn through Laurence’s words. Few books have measured up to this book for me in that arena.