Day 9: Five things you need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Okay, so I had to look up Zombie Apocalypse to even have a clue how to answer this. (as in “know thine enemy…”)

The funny thing is, there are A LOT of Zombie Apocalypse survival kits available for sale. Which is good, because, I’ll be honest. I’m…well, not really one who spends time considering any kind of zombie invasion, apocalypse, or any kind of global worst case scenario.

I’ve got my own worst case scenarios to deal with (see tomorrow’s post….).

But since the blog challenge is about the 5 things I need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse….here goes (focus is to keep yourself safe, then stop the attacking zombies, then find a cure to…SAVE THE WORLD? Whew….tall order.)

1. Protective gear – as you run at top speed away from the zombies, you don’t want to get hurt as you move through the hordes or when you run into things.

2. items to take care of any wounds because zombies hunt by smell and there’s nothing they like more than the smell of blood (although I assume only so they can find your brain, right?)

3. basic survival gear (which yes, I’m lumping all together, because it’s my blog and so I make the rules…) – compass, flashlight, batteries/solar panel. Food would be good, though, I’m confident a world of zombies is going to make me lose my appetite really quickly. Some way to purify water. Good lord, there’s so much to think about here….

4. firepower – okay, they are dead so I’m so confused how they can be more dead….or are they not dead??? so confused….so let’s just say, some of the internet sites do recommend a rifle.

5. And then there’s the research. I’m thinking this is truly the craziest part so far. Cause unless things happen SUPER fast, better minds than mine will have already been on this.

So, here’s my thought – if faced with a zombie apocalypse occurs, my first stop is a top research university…..other than the rifle, I think I’d be set.