11. Something that frustrates the heck out of you…

Ha! This might not be the day to ask this question and get a simple one line answer. I have just left a protest at my local Member of Provincial Parliament’s office. The group gathered there was protesting the signing of legislation that takes away many rights of education workers in Ontario including the right to freely negotiate with our employers (most of the terms of our contracts have now been legislated).

That frustrates the heck out of me and so does….

  • People who use the Bible or other religious platforms as a tool for promoting hate
  • Prejudice of any stripe because ignorance frustrates the heck out of me
  • Technology
  • Bathing suit shopping, bra shopping….clothing shopping in general
  • And I’ve gotta say it, the mess of crazy that menopause does to my brain is truly frustrating the heck out of me (and undoubtedly my hubby too!).