12. Pick any online personality test and show us the results.

This was another eye-opening Internet search for me. I sometimes see people post on Facebook results of these types of tests so I knew of their existence but I did not have any clue about the quantity or the insane variety.

So I naturally spent an inordinate amount of time taking personality tests…

I started with a superhero test and discovered I am most like Superman, but when I read that it’s because I’m mild-mannered, I realized the test was not for me.

I did a Literary Character next and am most like the character Eowyn in Lord of the Rings. This one seemed more accurate as it said I stand up for others, am strong and fight for my values. It had me til the part about not being afraid of death….cause that’s definitely not me!

Thinking that literary characters might be my thing I attempted another Literary personality test. This is by far my favourite. The results showed…. I’m a coloring book.

Yup. A coloring book.

“Children love you and so do many adults. They find you approachable, simple and friendly. Instead of throwing around big words, you communicate in the universal language of pictures. In order to be as open as possible, you present yourself simply, allowing those around you to customize you to their liking. Sometimes this results in you turning into a primitive masterpiece, and other times you resemble a schizophrenic’s daydream. So long as the one talking to you understands you, you’re happy. Zen and the art of crayon sharpening.”