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14. You are now ruler of the world. What do you do with your newfound power?

When I told my hubby about today’s challenge, he said his dad always said if you want the world to run well, put women in charge. There you go, D.K., I’m now in charge!

Well, I would call up Naomi Klein and put her in charge of revamping the world economy to ensure that the rich don’t continue to get rich on the backs of the poor.

And then I might have some serious conversations with the whole Suzuki clan to figure out the best ways forward to save the environment.

Now, with regards to the wars going on around the world, well, I think it goes without saying that disarming everyone might not be the long-term solution although I’d be willing to give it a try. I think I’d probably impose on Stephen Lewis to give me some advice on that front although I imagine he’d have to engage several experts from the various areas of the world to ensure we got it right.

I would want to have some serious discussions with the leaders of the myriad of religions around the world to figure out how we could go about our lives without feeling that there’s not room for all beliefs and cultures.

Just for fun, after dinner, I’d make the Enbridge pipeline, or really any tar sands project, illegal. And I’d legalize gay marriage world-wide.

And then I’d head to bed so day two as Ruler of the World could be just as productive.