19. Something you miss

I miss the days when my children were young, not just of having them a part of my daily life, or because grabbing a hug was so much simpler than having to hop on a plane to do so!

The lifestyle of raising a family is a wonderful one. You are surrounded by like-minded people and every day is full of social interactions and plans and news of lives that intersect with yours.

There is a focus when you are raising your family that is on the whole family or, at times, the one in need of the family’s love and support.

I love having this time in my life where I have freedom to do what I want and I love getting to share it with the most amazing, loving and sweet man.

I do miss those times though….and I’m so glad we still get to have moments like the other night….a family Skype session. I look forward to more moments and days like those.