22. What’s in your junk drawer?

Which one???? I seem to have one per room….

The kitchen drawer is the crazy, under the telephone drawer – full of pens and pencils and clips of all shapes and sizes. It’s got papers with random notes (“aunt”) and business cards. There are some of the most bizarre tape dispensers, most with barely enough tape to qualify as worth keeping.

And what about that Dora the Explorer glue stick? Where the heck did that come from?

What junk drawer is complete without the obligatory sticky note pads??

Or the dried out, never useful Liquid Paper?

Highlighters. Wine corks. Kinder Surprise Toys. Calculators. Shoelaces. Combinations locks. Felt pads (for protecting your floors from scraping chairs). Touch up paint for a car (which we sold more than 15 years ago….) Book mark. Weight Watchers Points counter.

And the world’s smallest working stapler.