I’ve decided to roll all the rest of the days of the blog challenge into one. A couple of days ago I was considering finishing the challenge and folding up my writing blog. I have really enjoyed the challenge and it has achieved what I thought was my goal: writing every day and getting a bit more “traffic”.  

Increased traffic is nice, but what I want to do is write.

Today I read a post by a woman who was Freshly Pressed, the apparent Holy Grail of WordPress. A month after being Freshly Pressed, she has had a minimal increase in traffic and it has given her pause. Like me, she thought more people reading her blog would be a type of validation. Like me, she has come to realize that it’s really just about writing.

So here in lies days 26-30 of the Challenge. Tomorrow is the beginning of my REAL writing life.

day 26: take a picture of something in the same room as you and tell us something about it.

This is a shot from my son’s room – we are big into preserving the past and so this chalkboard strip contains writings and drawings from the last 10 years. All the photos on the wall are ones I put up this past week – my son doesn’t live at home anymore and I have pretty much taken over the room, including the walls. Interestingly, both of my children have photo murals like this in their new homes. The red wing tip near the top of the photo is just that – my hubby has an assortment of radio controlled planes throughout the house and this one has lived on my son’s ceiling for over 20 years.

day 27: Take an original photo of the city you live in.day 28: Confession time, what real or fictitious person would you leave your significant other for?

Benjamin Bratt. He is an activist so that’s just icing on the cake.

day 29: You have the power to remove 1 thing from popular culture forever what is it?

Lyrics that are misogynistic and homophobic. Any lyrics to any type of music that create, encourage or facilitate hate.

day 30: You’ve been convicted of a crime, what crime could you possibly see yourself committing?

Any crime in defence of my children, their well-being or the well-being of their loved ones.