You is kind. You is smart. You is important – from the movie, “The Help”

When you work in special needs, or any part of education, a part of your job is advocacy. You advocate daily for what the system, the parents and you feel is right and for what your students deserve.  Some days, it’s a small part. Other days it’s the only part that matters.

This is one of those years where I feel that I am fighting all the time. And I’m exhausted. To stand up, walk ahead and hit a brick wall and then have to stand up, walk ahead and hit the same brick wall over and over makes me want to lie down and nap.

It doesn’t matter that you are right. It doesn’t matter that you know you are right. It is exhausting.

A part of every day is reminding my students that they are important. That they can succeed and that they do succeed. Showing them how they are smart. Even when the world around them confuses the heck out of them.

And when the day is getting to be too much for me, it is my fellow educators who remind me that I am kind, smart and important. They are my advocates. They are the ones who tell me that I am strong enough and tough enough and RIGHT.

So, this weekend, I am taking a moment or rather, many moments, to be thankful for those friends and co-workers who help me to do my job. And not give up.