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dear not old self:

I am hoping that you are reading this comfortably sitting in the front room, or The Great Room as Tim likes to call it, maybe looking out at the street covered in leaves, wishing Alan still lived next door, so HE could pay someone to blow all those leaves off the lawn….but Alan won’t live next door. So many things will have changed. Somebody will have torn down one or maybe two of the houses and built monstrosities next to our little bungalow. We’ll steadfastly hold on to our little piece of paradise, though.

Here’s hoping I’m sitting there looking out the window waiting for one of our kids to drop off one or more of their kids so that we can spoil them rotten for a week or two. I hope to have small people running around my feet as part of my future. If not, well, that’s ok too because it means our kids have found other lives to live that are their own and not someone else’s dream of the future.

I’m hoping you listened to Tim and kept travelling and you’re still travelling. Cause there’s nothing more important than seeing the world and then coming home to your own piece of heaven.

And I hope at least once a day you remember to tell Tim what an amazing guy he is. And not just because his mother thought so. Because he is. The best. The best friend. The best husband. The best dad. The best brother. Just the best.

It would be wonderful if you’re still hopping on a bike and doing yoga. I see those as the keys to the healthy, future me. And scrapbooking memories. And taking photos and writing. More writing than right now.

Maybe you’ve written about that adventure you took, the one that scared you to do. But you did it anyway. And look. You survived.

Hoping that you’ve watched both your kids find their person and their life’s work. Or at least the work that makes them happy for now.

And hopefully you will have found the peace in your soul for the sadnesses that came before. We’re well on our way today so I’m confident you’ll read this and say, “oh right, I used to feel that way” but there no longer is a place for those feelings in your life.

You’ve got years yet to go so don’t sit too long. You know how your knees get…

your much, much younger self