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Daily Prompt: You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

Summer break – it is a time to recharge, readjust one’s attitude and stop long enough to not only smell the roses, but to plant them, tend to them, and bring them lovingly along into the next season. It’s a time to walk on the grass in bare feet, enjoying the feeling of the grass between your toes, and then lie down and look up at the clouds going by. Imagining that one, there, you see it? It’s a cat’s face. And that one, over there, it’s a magic carpet, waiting to take you for a ride. The warmth of the sun and the breeze that can cascade over you as you lay there, just breathing in the sweetness that only happens in summer, and only in certain moments. Maybe, somewhere, in the distance, you hear some children playing and laughing. And you go back to that time when your children were laughing and playing, or when you ran around all day, all summer, imagining that, over at the neighbours, where there were three birch trees, trees that all came together at their bases, they were really an elevator and you were the operator, taking people to magical places, places you’d never seen, but you had read about, in the hundreds of books you took out from the library each summer. Summer then, like now, was a time to live imaginary lives and be free from the things that challenge you all year. To run through a park with your arms wide open, waiting for the next adventure.