I love words and I tend to overuse one or more for long periods of time (just sayin’). I steal words and the unique way people use them all the time, especially from my daughter who definitely has fun words in her daily vocabulary.

Right now she uses nugget, for instance, to describe cute children, “look at that nugget! Isn’t she cute?” I work in primary education..you can only imagine how I overuse that word.

Of course nicknames are often made up words. Both my brother and I, who live across the country from one another, had identical nicknames for our children: wubs for the boys, moo-ness for the girls (It started as Missy Moo-ness for my daughter…) probably because I overheard him use them!

I cannot therefore rise to the challenge of creating a new word as I’m completely in love with other people’s words and steal them whenever possible.