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I have not been writing much lately, but today’s Daily Prompt made me want to rush over to this blog and say something:

Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

Except, I want to change the prompt….I want to write about a blogger who has influenced me. Not as a blogger but as a person.

I have many blogs I love, photography blogs that inspire me to take photos and just plain inspire me. I have blogs that make me laugh and bring me back into a place of remembering the wonderful experiences of raising children.

And then there’s Raising My Rainbow. This is the blog that talks about, as the blogger says, “Adventures in raising a fabulously gender creative son“. Every time I read this mom’s blog, I am able to realize and work through my own and society’s biases towards others.

The things you and I may have taken for granted as being right or okay or acceptable have a way of excluding others. It is not necessarily a purposeful act, like saying something racist or homophobic. It can be buying a gift for your child’s friend that is more about your perception of their gender than about who they really are. Or assuming that only boys are interested in certain toys and only girls prefer dress up.

Yet, Raising My Rainbow does more than just create an environment where you look at the world and your actions within it. It shows you the absolutely wonderful way that this family has worked together to ensure that each person in their home feels loved and accepted and encouraged to be who they are. There are often posts about ways in which someone has to take a position that is hard in the face of all the stereotypes and patterns of behaviour that make up our world. It is inspiring at every turn to see how this family and C.J., the boy who is the focus of the blog, have been able to change so many people into BETTER people.

Perhaps it is coupled with the fact that I have two socially conscious children. By listening to them and reading books recommended by my son and my daughter’s anthropology papers, I have come to confront how my world view has been so incredibly shaped by economically comfortable, white, heterosexual males. There is no way around this – the world of philosophy and science and medicine and education – so many parts of EVERYTHING has been shaped and decided on by that select group of people. And everyone else, we are the other. And the farther you get from that select group, the more you are the “other”. It is eye-opening and disconcerting and hard to imagine how it took me 50 years to question.

But I digress. The blog that has changed me the most is without doubt one that I think has changed a great many people. Please drop by and visit it. You cannot read it and not be better for it.

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