Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

In May, we headed to Washington State and one day we drove into Portland. Our daughter’s boyfriend, Warren, is a bit of an ice cream connoisseur and recommended we hit up the Salt and Straw ice cream parlor on Alberta Street.

First of all, we had burgers at a place across the street – and I had the best veggie burger I’ve ever eaten. Then we headed to Salt and Straw. Somehow Tim avoided ordering anything (something about being full from his burger and fries, go figure).

I ordered Smores ice cream. Now you probably have heard of Smores ice cream, or had Smores. But you have never had this ice cream. It was incredible.

That being said, pretty much anytime Warren takes us or sends us somewhere for ice cream, it’s a win. This past Christmas we visited Vancouver and had ice cream at Earnest Ice Cream. Rum and eggnog. Seriously. Amazing (even better than their London Fog, which is pretty hard to beat). In the summer, we went to a few places in Toronto and although I cannot remember what I had or where exactly we went, they were all worth the visit. These “craft” type ice cream places are reinventing ice cream.